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Gaugemaster Seep GMC-PM20D Surface Mounted Point Motor (DCC Fitted)

DCC Fitted Surface Mounted Point Motor Suitable for N / H0 / 00 Gauge Model Railways

The Gaugemaster Seep GMC-PM20D  is designed with easy installation in mind, PM20D is placed parallel to your point-work and operates equally well orientated either way. PM20D works well with all popular modelling scales, and with the leading brands of track in the UK.

The magnetic coils are high-efficiency for reliable operation, needing much less current than most other brands. PM20D also has a plug-in harness that is very easy to use. Mounting screws are included.


Fitting the PM20D is simplicity itself, because the harness is pre-terminated, and the PM20D tie-bar linkage just drops over the point 'tie-bar' pin. PM20D also has manual operation, so you can test it before fixing it down.

If you fix your points directly to the board

You can simply fix the motor directly onto the board with the screws provided after placing the link over the end of the point tie-bar.

If you use track-bed under your points

If the track bed is thin, you may be able to mount the point motor directly, but test first. Otherwise make a pad from card or similarly firm material to raise it to the correct height before attaching it to the point tie bar.


The Digital Decoder

There is a Digital Decoder included in the pack which is fitted with screw terminals for easy connection to a DCC Bus System. The other terminals allow for a manual switch to be added to the circuit and the use of LEDs for route indication. The small switch on the PCB means that programming is as simple as it gets. Just throw the switch to SET, key in an accessory number on your DCC System and flick the switch back to RUN. This PCB is fitted with a sticky pad and screw holes for easy attachment to the base board.

The Point Motor

This is easy, as the PM20D features a reversible 3-way plug-in connector. The included harness can be extended with GMC-PM51 Point Motor Wire and GMC-PM50 Connection Boxes.

Applying power to PM20D

This product is for low voltage use only, between 16v and 24v (AC or DC are both okay). Please use 1amp supply or greater.

For DCC Layouts you just need to attach two wires from your main DCC Bus into the DCC Terminals on the Decoder. As with all solenoids, this motor is designed for use with passing contact switches such as the GM510 Miniature Toggle Switch (see related items below).

Connection to a standard On-On switch (or a permanent connection or power source) will lead to irreversible damage.

Technical Details
Input 16v AC or DCC

Point Motor Measurements
Length 68mm
Width 22mm
Height 9mm

Decoder Measurements
Length 37mm
Width 38mm
Height 20mm
Link Wire Length 170mm


Multi Scale
Multi Gauge
Electrical Accessories
Point motors
Gaugemaster Seep
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