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Hornby R7377 Power Bank Pack

Hornby R7377 Power Bank Pack

The HM7070 Power Bank will keep locomotives running over any potential dead spots. It works in a similar way to 'stay alive' or capacitors which are available from other manufacturers.

Use the HM7070 can be connected into the current range of HM7000 DCC Bluetooth decoders and sound decoders. A simple plug and socket means there's no wiring required!

Why use one?

Your layout will occasionally suffer from dirty track or small electrical dead spots at points and crossings. The small loss of power can cause locomotives to stop, but with DCC Sound Decoders it can also cause the sounds to reset and restart. Avoid both issues with the HM7070 Power Bank - you'll have a few seconds of saved power to keep your locos going over that dead spot.

(The Power Bank is not suitable for use without an HM7000 decoder, connecting it directly to other decoders or directly to the wiring of a model locomotive may cause damage to the Power Bank)



Brand: Hornby
RRP: £ 15.99
Our price: £ 13.60
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