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Gaugemaster GM781 Station (Steam) Scenic Sounds Module

The Gaugemaster GM781 Station (Steam) Scenic Sounds Module brings life to any layout!

Sound can really bring a layout to life and these new modules make it so easy; just connect two wires to the nearest power source, hide the module, and turn it on.

  • Compact sound module with built-in loudspeaker
  • Real natural sounds specially recorded for these modules
  • Easy connections - just two screw terminals for power supply
  • Power from 8-16v smooth DC for natural random sounds
  • Or power from DCC for controlling sounds by DCC or random
  • Fits inside a model or under the baseboard
  • Built-in adjustable volume control
  • Joint British development between Gaugemaster and Train-Tech

When powered by DC the module plays an appropriate background sound with individual sounds played in randomly.
When powered by DCC the module can play randomly as above, or individual sounds can be played on command by DCC; e.g.Point throw played as a point changes, signal rodding etc.
Sounds on this module include:

Guard's whistle
Slamming doors
Steam loco pulling out
Station bell


Multi Scale
Multi Gauge
Ready assembled
Gaugemaster Electric
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