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Bachmann Branchline 39-603 Se&Cr 60Ft Birdcage Brake Third Lavatory SR Malachite Green

Bachmann 39-603 SE&CR 60ft Birdcage Brake Third Lavatory SR Malachite Green.

This model features both bodyside window configurations, flush-glazed windows and correct window corner radii. The interior is fully featured with partitions, saloon tables, lavatories appropriate to the prototype and fully decorated seating painted in accurate colours. The underside features exquisite underframe detailing and finely mounded brake details. There are 4 sets of very finely moulded queen post truss rodding and turnbuckles.

Dynamos and battery boxes are fitted to the SE&CR composite as per the prototype. Dynamos are fitted to the SR / BR Composite and the Brake Third as per the prototype. There are all new well detailed 8ft Heavy Fox coil spring bolster bogies, metal wheels sets and pin point axles running in metal bearings.

Separately applied fittings include roof vents, vacuum pipes, handrails, grab handles, lamp irons and brake control apparatus (Brake coaches only).

Sixty-two 60ft three coach ‘birdcage’ sets were introduced by the South Eastern and Chatham Railway (SE&CR) between 1912 and 1915. The characteristic birdcage lookouts over each of the guards compartments give these sets their name and typify standard SE&CR non-corridor coaching stock. With their distinct character, being of pre-grouping origin, these sets were long lived and little modified during their lifetime, so have a wide applicability to modellers.

The sets comprised 2nd / 3rd class composite Brake Lavatory (later declassified to Brake Lavatory Third), a 1st / 2nd (later declassified to 1st / 3rd) Lavatory Composite and Brake Third. The Composites were built in batches with two distinct body side variations. The initial order had two wide windows on each side for the saloon, and the later examples had one wide and one narrow window for the saloon.


1:76 Scale
OO Gauge
Era: 3 (1923 - 1947)
Ready assembled
NEM Couplings
Bachmann Branchline
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