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AIRFIX A07115 JUNKERS JU87B-2/R-2 1:48

Airfix A07115.

Junkers JU87B-2/R-2 

Scale: 1:48.

Number of Parts: 158.

Dimensions: L229mm x W288mm.

Although usually associated with the Wehrmacht’s feared ‘Lightning War’ attacks at the beginning of WWII, the Ju87B Stuka was also a highly effective maritime strike bomber. Capable of performing precision dive bombing attacks against any Allied vessel, the Stuka took a heavy toll of shipping in the English Channel, North Africa and in the Mediterranean. The Stuka also saw service with the air forces of Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary, as well as remaining in Luftwaffe service throughout WWII.

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1:48 Scale
Brand: Airfix
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