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Airfix A02051V Henschel Hs123A-1 1:72 Scale Model Aircraft Kit

Airfix A02051V Henschel Hs123A-1 1:72 Scale Model Aircraft Kit.

In its full historic and miniture glory, Airfix are proud to present the Henschel Hs123A-1 model in 1:72 scale. With two options of livery and complete with sprues and decals, this model has all the details from its full-scale counterpart for both military enthusiasts and model makers alike.

Suitable plastic cement and paints are required to complete this 1:72 scale plastic model.

The Henschel Hs123 biplane attack aircraft was as tough as they come; intended as a dive bomber and close air support aircraft, the Hs123 performed well during its combat introduction in the Spanish Civil War. Despite its lack of range and relatively small bomb load, the aircraft still in service at the start of WWII were sent into action, with its pilots perfecting the art of close air support for advancing ground units.

This biplane proved to be extremely rugged and could absorb significant levels of damage, bringing their pilots home safely. Having served the Blitzkrieg attacks against Poland, France and the Low Countries, the Hs123 would come into its own during the savage fighting on the Eastern Front, where aircraft were based close to the front lines. The aircraft proved so effective, that they were only withdrawn from service in the spring of 1944 due to limited serviceable aircraft and spares.


1:72 Scale
Self assembly plastic kit
Airfix Vintage Classics
Brand: Airfix
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