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a01004a 1 north american p51d mustang 3d box
a01004a 1 north american p51d mustang 3d boxa01004a p51d-mustang 1a01004a p51d-mustang 3a01004a p51d-mustang 4
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Brand: Airfix

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1:72 Scale

Airfix A01004A 

North American P-51D Mustang

Scale: 1:72

The North American P-5 l Mustang is viewed as one of the most iconic American fighters of the Second World War. Designed to an RAF specificatopn the Mustang was transformed once the Rolls Royce Merlin engine was installed. Its long range and excellent firepower made it a superb escort fighter, able to protect the bombers all the way to Berlin and back. After the war the P-51 saw service in Korea and was used by some air aims up untiol the early 1980s

Skill: 1

Flying Hours: 1

Number of Parts: 53

Dimensions: L136mm x W157mm

Age: 8+

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