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Accurascale ACC1025-HUO-L BR 24.5T HOP24/HUO Coal Hopper - Dark Grey - NCB / Internal User - Pack L

£ 59.94

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OO Gauge
Ready assembled

These wagons were used after their retirement from BR service in the NCB open cast mine Onllwyn in Wales, where they were deployed on an internal railway system under the stewardship of NCB Opencast Executive. These remained in service on the private railway with 16 and 21-ton former BR stock until the mid-1990s.

Common features include NEM standard coupler pockets with NEM narrow tension lock couplers included. The wheels are RP25.10 darkened profile sets with 14.4mm back to backs and 26mm over pinpoints. They have extra fine factory fitted detailed plastic parts and sprung buffers.

Each wagon has individual lettering and codes from real wagons.

This is a three wagon multi-pack.

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