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Bachmann Branchline 32-734BSF Class 66/0 66117 DB Cargo

Bachmann Branchline 32-734BSF Class 66/0 66117 DB Cargo

Announced as part of Bachmann's Autumn 2020 British Railway Announcements, we are delighted to bring you Class 66/0 No. 66117 in the striking DB Cargo livery which makes a great addition to our range. Fitted with a driver figure and featuring directional lighting, this model takes realism to the next level as it is also sound fitted!

Features: Highly detailed DB Cargo livery, Accessory Pack, Driver Fitted in the Cab, Directional Lighting, SOUND FITTED - See below for function list.
Length 285mm

Sound effects:

  • F0 – Directional Head & Tail lights (Latch)
  • F1 - Sound On/OFF (Latch)
  • F2- Single Horn (Trigger)
  • F3 – Double Horn (Trigger)
  • F4 – Air Release (Trigger)
  • F5 – Notch Up (Latch)
  • F6 – Notch Down (Latch)
  • F7 – Shunting Speed (Latch)
  • F8 - Cab Lights (Latch)
  • F9 – Flange Squeal (Latch)
  • F10 – Fan (Latch)
  • F11- Inertia ON/OFF (Latch)
  • F12 – Volume Control
  • F12 – Latch Mutes and un-mutes the sound.
  • F12- Trigger Increases volume to next pre-set level (1-6). When on level 6, pressing F12 will return to pre-set level 1.

Additional Functions:

  • Engine Rev - When moving off from a standing start, the engine will rev before moving off.
  • Brake Squeal - When stopping.


The Class 66 is a type of six-axle diesel electric freight locomotive developed in part from the Class 59, for use on the railways of the UK. Since its introduction the class has been successful and has been sold to British and other European railway companies. In Continental Europe it is marketed as the EMD Class 66 (JT42CWR). Placing what was termed as "the biggest British loco order since steam days," EWS placed an order for 250 units in May 1996 to be built at the EMD plant in London, Ontario, Canada; the first locomotives were ready in 1998. They were given the Class 66 designation in the British classification system (TOPS). In 1998 Freightliner placed an order for further locomotives. They were followed by GB Railfreight, and then Direct Rail Services. The last of more than 500 built over an 18-year period was No 66779, Evening Star, delivered to GB Railfreight in spring 2016.

Class 66s are synonymous with the contemporary UK rail scene, operating for all the major freight operators including DB, Freightliner, GB Railfreight, Colas Rail, and DRS, and they are set to dominate the domestic locomotive fleet for many years to come.


1:76 Scale
OO Gauge
Era: 9 (1995 - 2005)
Ready assembled
DB Cargo
DCC Installed
Sound Fitted
Class 66
Bachmann Branchline
RRP: £ 229.95
Our price: £ 194.75
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