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Bachmann Branchline 31-186ASF LMS Jubilee Class 45654 'Hood' BR Lined Green Late Crest

Bachmann Branchline 31-186ASF LMS Jubilee Class 45654 'Hood' BR Lined Green Late Crest.

We are delighted to offer this LMS 5XP ‘Jubilee’ with Riveted Tender No. 45654 ‘Hood’ in BR Lined Green (Late Crest) livery, which has sound fitted for an even more realistic running experience.

The London Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) Jubilee Class is a steam locomotive type designed principally for main line passenger work. 191 locomotives were built between 1934 and 1936. They were built alongside the numerous LMS Stanier Class 5 4-6-0. 113 locomotives were ordered straight from the drawing board. No. 5642 which had been named Silver Jubilee on 19 April 1935 in recognition of the Silver Jubilee of King George V on 6 May of that year, gave the entire class its name.

The power classification was 5XP, in common with the earlier Patriot class. In January 1951, the classification was revised to 6P; this was revised again to 6P5F in November 1955, but the latter change was not applied to the locomotives' cabsides, which continued to show 6P. The class is often associated with the Midland Division, i.e. the lines inherited from the former Midland Railway, because until the late 1950s, it was rare for any 7P locomotives to work south of Leeds. Until then, Jubilees were the largest express engine normally found on the lines running out of St Pancras or radiating from Derby. The locos were synonymous with all main lines throughout the former LMS system, over which they were known to haul many of the famous named expresses including the Irish Mail, Thames Clyde, The Waverley, Devonian, Lakes Express, Lancastrian, Manxman, Mancunian, Palatine, Peaks Express, The Pines and the Ulster Express.

Four Jubilees have been preserved with two of them 45593 and 45596 being purchased directly from BR after the end of main line steam, the other two being rescued from Woodham Brothers. All four members of the class have operated in preservation and all have run on the main line. As of 2019 three members of the class are operational and all of them have main line certificates, the most recent engine being 45596 Bahamas following running in at Tyseley. While three members of the class are operational the fourth engine 45593 Kolhapur is stored inside the shed at Tyseley Loco Works awaiting its turn in the overhaul queue.

This model features poseable loco-tender fall-plate, a welded fowler tender, spring buffers and an accessory pack including etched 'hood' nameplates. It measures 268mm (length) and is decorated in BR Lined Green (Late Crest) livery.

Sound functions are:

  • F0 -N/A
  • F1 - Locomotive Sound (Startup/Stop)
  • F2 - Whistle 1
  • F3 - Whistle 2
  • F4 - Whistle 3
  • F5 - Injector
  • F6 - Guard’s Whistle
  • F7 - Drain Cocks
  • F8 - Handbrake
  • F9 - Coupling-up Noise
  • F10 - Water Filling
  • F11 - Coal Shovelling
  • F12 - AWS Bell
  • F13 - Shunting Speed

For analogue users, normal-load running sounds, acceleration, steam chuff sounds and any other automatic and randomised sounds can be enjoyed when using this model on analogue control (DC) straight from the box - these sounds will play automatically when power is applied!


1:76 Scale
OO Gauge
Era: 5 (1957 - 1966)
Ready assembled
DCC Installed
NEM Couplings
Sound Fitted
Bachmann Branchline
RRP: £ 299.95
Our price: £ 254.94
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