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a07007 heinkel he111 h-6 3d box
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a07007 heinkel he111 h-6 3d boxa07007 heinkel-he111-h-6 product 1a07007 heinkel-he111-h-6 product 2a07007 heinkel-he111-h-6 product 4
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Brand: Airfix

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1:72 Scale

Airfix A07007

Heinkel HE III H-6

Scale: 1:72

Perhaps the most interesting missions carried out by ‘H’ model Heinkel He IIIs was that of the torpedo carrying maritime attack bomber. Used in both the Battle of the Atlantic and against targets in the Mediterranean and on the Eastern Front, Luftwaffe units enjoyed notable successes against Allied shipping, until the weight of Allied air superiority began to take its toll of experienced torpedo bombing crews. As less experienced crews began to fly these missions, success rates plummeted and loss rates continued to cause concern.

This will be a highly detailed model and will include a number of significant new parts:

  • Junkers Jumo 211 engines
  • Large ‘paddle’ propellers
  • External weapons hard points
  • One 1000kg ‘Hermann’ bomb
  • Two LT F5b air launch torpedoes
  • Improved defensive gondola, under the fuselage (several new parts)
  • New weapons and gun positions
Skill: 3
Flying Hours: 3
Dimensions: L230mm x W312mm
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