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1:48 Scale

Airfix A05133

Curtiss Tomahawk MK.II

Scale: 1:48

The first Curtiss Tomahawk fighters to arrive in Britain during WWII operated in the tactical reconnaissance role and were deemed unsuitable for fighter sweeps into German occupied Europe. Later models incorporated a number of improvements and saw extensive service with the Western Desert Air Force, driving the Italians out of Libya and taking on the newly arrived Messerschmitts of the Luftwaffe.

With large numbers of Curtiss Tomahawk fighters arriving in the Mediterranean and North African theatres, the RAF now had a modern all metal fighter to supplement the hard working Hurricane Squadrons in the desert. Described as the first truly combat ready variant of the Curtiss Tomahawk series, the Mk.IIB was roughly equivalent to the USAAF P-40C and was built to an extremely high standard, able to withstand the punishing operating environment of the North African deserts.

Skill: 2

Flying Hours: 2

Number of Parts: 106

Dimensions: L202mm x W237mm

Age: 8+